DevOps – Break Down The Wall

Instead of escalating wars between departments by driving them to ever more ambitious, local goals, we need to break down the wall between development and operations. Defining overarching goals which resonate for both departments creates an environment where DevOps collaboration may thrive. Dev and Ops are separate departments Organizations typically divide their teams by type … Continue reading DevOps – Break Down The Wall

Initial Test Points for Getting Your Environment Under Control

Starting a job with a running system and real users is a nice "problem" to have but it presents some unique challenges as well. Especially if server monitoring isn't robust and there are absolutely zero automated tests. Without these two critical components, you're both operating and developing completely blind. Without monitoring, server changes can't be … Continue reading Initial Test Points for Getting Your Environment Under Control

DevOps Q&A with Kevin Parker

This is an interview with Kevin Parker (@kevinparkerusa) about DevOps How do you see agile affecting application development and delivery? The biggest impact is that application development teams are using agile to speed up their delivery of software changes and updates. This makes the developers happy as they can get through requests faster. However, releasing … Continue reading DevOps Q&A with Kevin Parker