DevOps Entrenched – Tide Begins to Turn

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I’ve always seen it as a battle. Maybe it’s the soldier in me or just the willingness to fight for my beliefs. Either way, we are winning and the IT industry will never be the same. Developers and Sysadmins are joining forces and forming “Delivery Teams” – working together to ship high quality products to customers faster than ever.

Operations folks are utilizing cloud computing and virtualization to instantly provide developers with well-defined computing resources. Developers are using continuous integration systems to build well-tested applications that are ready for release because the lights are all green. As the level of professionalism rises, so does trust and mutual respect.

We call this synergy DevOps and companies everywhere are embracing it’s tenets even more quickly than we thought. Replay Solutions and HP surveyed over 1200 IT professionals in January and were surprised to find almost 50% of respondents claiming an active devops team. The survey covered both small companies as well as Global 100 firms.

I spoke with Jonathan Lindo, Co-Founder, VP Products & Technologies of Replay Solutions, who indicated many of the survey findings reinforced what we already knew to be true. Larger organizations with quarterly or even annual release cycles were least likely to employ devops teams, while smaller (dare I say) agile organzations with weekly or even daily releases had the most devops presence.

Here are the complete results of the DevOps 2011 survey. Are you using devops in your company? What’s working well (and what isn’t)? Share with us in the comments below, or just reply to @danackerson on twitter.

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