Kanban: Changing story acceptance criteria whilst story is ongoing

In Scrum it’s clear, a product owner can’t change the acceptance criteria of a story in the current sprint without killing the sprint.

Do you guys think the same principle should be applied in Kanban? I mean once a story has moved from a planning column and into an in-progress column, should the product owner be restricted from making changes at this point, and be forced to move the story back into the backlog once it’s been signed off with its current acceptance criteria passing.

I know with Kanban this choice is up to me, but in your opinion what’s best?

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One thought on “Kanban: Changing story acceptance criteria whilst story is ongoing

  1. In my opinion the product owner should be able to change in any state. Changing the story just means it will stay longer in the development column blocking other work from entering (if the WIP is exceeded). For me, that’s perfectly fine as no-one has committed to deliver anything within a certain time box.

    Does that make sense to you?


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