7 thoughts on “[Question] Big companies using Scrum?

  1. I have been practicing SCRUM for about 5 years now at Siemens Healthcare. Started as a developer and now a practicing Scrum Master.

    We have had some amazing consultants help us get going such as the Object Mentors and Thoughtworkers (I have personally paired with what I consider Agile celebrities!!). It has been a blast but also a challenge as you can imagine.

    I have been working on one of our younger products and SCRUM mixed with Agile methodologies such as TDD and automated testing in general has definitely made a difference in regards to our quality. We have been able to focus more and more on new development and less on defect resolution..


  2. I am working one on of the European offices for Rockwell Collins.
    Throughout RC there are software teams using Scrum, and even other non-software teams introducing scrum elements. And the company as whole is using, andintroducing Lean engineering – although it it of course an ongoing process and cannot be said to ever be “finished”.

    Scrum fits very well into Lean Electronics (as it is called here), and we are now moving on with Kanban elements, proof of the Kaizen concept 🙂



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