The 5 Goals Of Agile And DevOps

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If you’re stuck with someone in an elevator and have only a few seconds to explain why introducing agile Methodolgies and DevOps is a good idea, these five goals might help you:

Agile Elevator Pitch

1. less code
2. less dependencies
3. less bugs and problems
4. less wait times
5. more value

If you have a few more minutes, you can go into more detail:

Less Code

The less code you write, the less code you have to maintain. And the less chances exist for bugs to creep in. No matter whether you’re a software developer or a system administrator, minimizing the amount of code you write is a good idea. But, sysadmins, this is no excuse for configuring your systems manually instead of using configuration management!

Less Dependencies

No matter whether we talk about features, software modules or server components – less dependencies is what you want. It will speed up every part of your process. The often seen “big ball of mud” design pattern or the “this is a mandatory feature” will kill productivity and delivery speed.

Less Bugs And Problems

If sysadmins talk to developers and developers talk to stake holders, experience shows fewer problems appear. And adopting a test first approach will avoid bugs in software and systems. Adopting agile and DevOps practices and thought models will help you reduce fire fighting and spend more time delivering value.

Less Wait Times

If you use a Shared Nothing Architecture, and your code is lean and stable, your users will have to wait less for your application to load. And if your processes are agile, your stake holders (and users) will wait less for new features. Speed is everything as it gives you a real advantage over your competitors and users will love you for it.

More Value

As adapting agile and DevOps will lead to the positive effects mentioned above your whole organization will create more value in shorter time. And this is what every business eventually is about: Delivering value to your users!

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