Scrum What? New Community Edited Q&A Site About Agile, Lean, Kanban and Scurm

A lot of people I meet are interested in agile software development. Either they’ve heard about it or they participate in projects which use Scrum, Kanban, or Extreme Programming. They wonder whether it makes sense to do pair programming, which Kanban tools to use, how to get started with test driven development or how to deal with bugs in Scrum.

There are tons of great blogs out there discussing agile software development. But I wasn’t able to find any agile focused Q&A site like the programmers’ stackoverflow or sysadmins’ serverfault.

After some pondering, I decided to set one up. Now scrum what? is launched. All questions and answers are provided by the community and the contents are creative commons licensed. Scrum what? has already attracted some very experienced agile experts to answer your questions.

It would be great to see your contributions to this community effort. Ask any question about agile, kanban, lean, scrum, or XP over at or, even better, pitch in and answer one. There’s even an RSS feed to follow. Everyone profits and together we can make software development fun again!

Please tell your friends about it. Use the retweet button or any of the social sharing buttons below to help spread the word.

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