New Conference On Agile System Administration: Devopsdays 2009

devopsdays 2009

Devopsdays 2009

After years of advocating, @patrickdebois‘s dream came true: He created the Devopsdays. Quoting his announcement from the Agile System Administration Google Group:

Devopsdays ’09, the conference that tries to get the best of both dev
and ops world.
Two days of fun and interesting talks.

So if you are a developer with a interest for system administration,
or a sysadmin interested in development, join us on the first conference that focuses on bringing the best of both worlds together

A conference for Developers and Sysadmins

It’s great that Patrick took the step to finally bring developers and system administrators together. Talking to a lot of tech guys recently, the recurring issue is the chasm between the developers and the sysadmins. Developers have no clue what headaches their code causes in production and the sysadmins do not know which features are coming next.

To improve the situation it is necessary for developers to learn more about the impact their code has on production and to include operations folks in the early stages of planning.
For the sysadmins it is important to give the developers access to crucial production data (and systems) so they are able to find out what’s going on there. And they have to welcome change and be ready to adapt their systems to the ever changing business requirements.

At the devopsdays 2009 we can start talking to each other to break down the walls between development and operations. We need a collective ownership of the release process and eventually the whole application from idea to operations.

Hope to see you there! Follow @devopsday on Twitter to keep up to date.

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