Behavior Driven Ops, Kanban vs. Scrum and a new upcoming Monitoring and Trending Tool

  • Testing Dash Metrics with Cucumber (Bradley Taylor) – A short article showing off a Cucumber feature for monitoring with Nagios.
  • Kanban vs. Scrum (Henrik Kniberg) – A great, 26 page long PDF about the similarities and differences between Scrum and Kanban. Absolutely worth reading!
  • Reconnoiter (Theo Schlossnagle) – Theo and his OmniTI Labs are working on a new monitoring and trending application – a combination of Nagios, Cacti and the like with the goal to ease administration and scale efficiently. No releases yet but looks promising.

2 thoughts on “Behavior Driven Ops, Kanban vs. Scrum and a new upcoming Monitoring and Trending Tool

  1. Hi Matthias, after experimenting with project-based organizations for lean management for a while (You know what I mean ;-)) we now started developing an agile organization at HouseTrip.

    A lot of SCRUM concepts can be applied to non-development parts of the organization (E.g. to marketing). And the product backlog concept might be an ideal strategy “tool” for companies in fast-moving markets.

    As you never really know how the outside world will look the day after tomorrow you should be really flexible and fast in re-ordering your goals and roadmaps – not only in development.


  2. yes, definitely the concepts can be applied to all sorts of management challenges where it is important to be able to adapt fast.
    Waterfall, or even the German Army’s V-Model are tailored to ensure that a pre-set goal is executed with as less variation as possible. Good for building missile launchers but maybe not perfectly suited for new, untried ideas and business models.


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