1st Birthday: Best of Agile Web Operations

It’s time to say “Thank you” to all of you, our loyal readers. Thanks for reading, commenting and subscribing to our posts for exactly one year now. That’s right, Agile Web Operations is now one year old. I can hardly put into words how great it is to have you with us!

103 posts and 113 comments. That’s the result of our first year. And, exactly 200 of you have subscribed to our RSS feed – an excellent choice. For all of you who joined recently (and to remind you veterans), check out the five most read posts:

  1. Puppet or Capistrano – Use the Right Tool for the Job (Guest post by Andrew Shafer)
  2. Puppet vs. Capistrano – a short comparison
  3. System Configurations + Code Revisions = Continuous Integration FTW (Guest post by Patrick Debois)
  4. Thoughtworks Mingle vs. Pivotal Labs Tracker
  5. Agile Tool Vendors: Please don’t try to manage complexity – simplify my life!

And don’t miss out on our three most commented posts:

I hope you enjoy reading Agile Web Operations as much as we do writing it. Keep the comments flowing and don’t forget to tell your friends!

We’re looking forward to the coming years of Agile Web Operations.

Sincerely yours,

Dan & Matthias

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