Four Short Links: 30 April 2009

Why do programmers code, priorities, how to assess a programmers competency and continuos integration cage fight – some food for thought…

  1. Programmers Don’t Like to Code (Jonathan ‘Wolf’ Rentzsch) – A very insightful article about why programmers keep re-writing code: To understand, and, after understanding, to simplify.
  2. Mud Rooms, Red Letters, and Real Priorities (Merlin Mann, 43 Folders) – Great article about what priorities really are. See for yourself:

    Making something a BIG RED TOP TOP BIG HIGHEST #1 PRIORITY changes nothing but text styling. If it were really important, it’d already be done. Period. Think about it.

    ‘nough said. Go, read it.

  3. Programmer Competency Matrix (IndianGeek) – Nice for those who like to categorize everything. What’s your level?
  4. Continuous Integration Cage Fight (Julian Simpson, The Build Doctor) –

    One of the sessions for Citcon Europe 2008 was Tom Sulston’s Continuous Integration Cage Fight. Seven geeks lined up to show off their CI prowess

    . If you’re interested in CI (you should) then this is a must read series.

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