Meetings or Trust – Choose Your Weapons

Sitting in unnecessary meetings sucks. You know what I'm talking about: A lot of people crammed into one room, half of whom have no business with the discussion. The other half are responsible for the topic, but didn't bother preparing for the discussion. So why are all these people sitting together? Let's examine this from … Continue reading Meetings or Trust – Choose Your Weapons

Scrum Meetings – Relief or Burden?

Scrum defines a set of required meetings: Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Scrum Review, and Scrum Retrospective. Additionally, there might be a Scrum of Scrums, if you're running multiple Scrum teams in parallel. If you're doing two week sprints you spend at least half-a-day per week in Scrum meetings. Isn't that a lot of additional overhead? … Continue reading Scrum Meetings – Relief or Burden?