How to make a team self-organizing

Self-organizing teams perform better than micro-managed ones. The ability to really make a difference motivates the team members and makes everyone contribute his best effort. But how can we create self-organizing teams when everyone is used to hierarchical command and control patterns? To be able to self-organize and perform optimally, a few basics need to … Continue reading How to make a team self-organizing

DevOps – Break Down The Wall

Instead of escalating wars between departments by driving them to ever more ambitious, local goals, we need to break down the wall between development and operations. Defining overarching goals which resonate for both departments creates an environment where DevOps collaboration may thrive. Dev and Ops are separate departments Organizations typically divide their teams by type … Continue reading DevOps – Break Down The Wall

How Non-negotiable Features Kill Software Products

You’ve most probably been there: To win that one ueber-important client, your friendly sales rep sells the farm and his grandmother (well actually he sells features, which he invents right in front of the client to make sure to get the deal, but the effect is nearly the same). And not only does he sell … Continue reading How Non-negotiable Features Kill Software Products

Meetings or Trust – Choose Your Weapons

Sitting in unnecessary meetings sucks. You know what I'm talking about: A lot of people crammed into one room, half of whom have no business with the discussion. The other half are responsible for the topic, but didn't bother preparing for the discussion. So why are all these people sitting together? Let's examine this from … Continue reading Meetings or Trust – Choose Your Weapons

DevOps Q&A with Kevin Parker

This is an interview with Kevin Parker (@kevinparkerusa) about DevOps How do you see agile affecting application development and delivery? The biggest impact is that application development teams are using agile to speed up their delivery of software changes and updates. This makes the developers happy as they can get through requests faster. However, releasing … Continue reading DevOps Q&A with Kevin Parker