Do Annual Budgets Hurt Agility?

Desktop application development is traditionally done in waterfall development mode. Specifications and requirements are gathered over a period of months before being unleashed upon a "pool" of developers for implementation. Development times run into thousands of man days after which a "beta" product is released to the QA team (or perhaps some very brave customers). … Continue reading Do Annual Budgets Hurt Agility?

Initial Test Points for Getting Your Environment Under Control

Starting a job with a running system and real users is a nice "problem" to have but it presents some unique challenges as well. Especially if server monitoring isn't robust and there are absolutely zero automated tests. Without these two critical components, you're both operating and developing completely blind. Without monitoring, server changes can't be … Continue reading Initial Test Points for Getting Your Environment Under Control

Why Excel Spreadsheets Hurt Project Management

Today was a great day. I helped import our entire "roadmap" of functional requirements from an Excel spreadsheet into Pivotal Tracker. Even though we allocated almost a half-day to accomplish this, it was done in less than two hours (including in-depth descriptions and backgrounds on many features I hadn't yet seen). The product manager's eyes … Continue reading Why Excel Spreadsheets Hurt Project Management

Stabilizing Application Architectures Through Simplification

Consider the following: People are complicated and companies are run by a lot of people. A relationship between two people is complicated. Relationships between companies? Well, you see where I'm going. Outsource a software development project requiring 10 developers, an on-site team of 3 managers and 4 developers, involving a total of 4 external companies. … Continue reading Stabilizing Application Architectures Through Simplification

Ground Zero: Starting Agile Development from Scratch

One of the most challenging things about introducing Agile in the workplace is that it's not very widespread. People have heard mixed reviews about it's implementations, and are hesitant to exchange the known (no matter how bad it may be), for the unknown. More and more companies, however, are adopting Scrum for their project management. … Continue reading Ground Zero: Starting Agile Development from Scratch